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Telemarking Training Programs for Houston, Dallas, and Austin Markets

Telemarketing is a powerful, but frequently improperly used tool for many businesses. If your businesses’ goal is cost effective appointment generation or successfully closing the sale via telephone, we have the structure to insure success. Through our training we’ll work on customizing your script to each specific member of your team to allow their individual personalities to come out.

How Telemarketing Training Promotes Communication

Knowing what questions to ask is only part of what you need. The next part is utilizing the information gathered and closing the sale. Each telemarketing training program will give your staff the relationship building skills required to create rapport with the prospect. Your staff will get the skills required to spot the answers when the prospect is speaking to you. They will learn what are the keys or pressing points, and influences that will help with closing the prospect.

Goals for the Telemarketing Training Program

Our customized telemarketing programs will give your staff everything you need to close effectively. Our RADAR © telemarketing training program will help your staff communicate with the prospect, develop an atmosphere where the prospects sell themselves by understanding the reason they need it and how you are able to give it to them.


We customize all of our telemarketing training programs to the industry and experience of your Texas business.

This is an example of a telemarketing training program

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A) Introduction to the program

B) What is RADAR ©

  1. Relationship building
  2. Spotting the challenges (picking up what the prospect really needs)
  3. Affirmations, credibility, and trust
  4. Results (positioning the prospect to understand and declare their needs)

C) Why RADAR © Works

  1. Gives the prospect the platform to say what does and doesn’t interest them
  2. Conversation is based out what’s needed, not assumptions
  3. The benefits and results will be pertinent and obtainable

D) Asking the right questions

  1. Picking a starting point
  2. Guiding the prospect
  3. Closing the gap
  4. Taking lead of the call rather than reacting and following

E) Moving towards the close

  1. Reinforcing the pluses to the prospect
  2. Understanding the signals (prospects will let you know if they’re interested)

F) Review and summary

Your representatives will master telesales techniques that provide clients the leeway to share their needs and using that information to guide the prospect to the close

As always, all telemarketing training programs are tailored to your company, your industry and your people. In addition, each sales training program incorporates the skills and tools utilized by the top achievers in the industry.

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